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  • 4400 Ancient Coins Steam
    $ 7.48
  • 8500 Ancient Coins Steam
    $ 14.45
  • 12900 Ancient Coins Steam
    $ 21.93
  • 17000 Ancient Coins Steam
    $ 28.90
  • 21400 Ancient Coins Steam
    $ 36.38

About Sea of Thieves Ancient Coins

What is Sea of Thieves Coins?

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure game nowadays, in which player assumes the role of a pirate who completes voyages from different trading companies in order to become the ultimate pirate legend. To complete voyages, you need equip yourself some Sea of Thieves Items & Equipment, including Weapons, Clothing, Vanity Items, Instruments, Pets, Resources (food, cannonballs, wooden plank, throwables), Currency and so on. There are four kinds of currencies in Sea of Thieves, including SOT Gold/Bilge Rat Doubloons (also called Blue Coins)/Sea Dog Silver/Ancient Coins. Different kinds of Sea of Thieves Money plays the different role in the game, gold is used to purchase Promotions, Upgradable Equipment and Weapons skins and Cosmetic, while Sea of Thieves Ancient Coins are a Currency exclusive to the Pirate Emporium. Players always wondering where to find ancient coin skeletons in sea of thieves.

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