The Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 patch adds match scraping and balance Jul-06-2020

The Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 Patch has been launched for players to enjoy, with highly anticipated features and player balance changes. Games like R6 are always looking for unbalanced characters and bug fixes. This time Milosi, Hibana and Ace are seeing changes. Ubisoft used player feedback to troubleshoot and remove powerful mechanics.


The developers made some changes to Hibana and Ace to avoid unfair advantages. Before this update, they could have used their explosives to destroy tools from across the wall. This mechanic drove players to drop quickly and easily. However, Hibana and Ace tools cannot remove enemy tools through reinforced walls when used on the ground.

Milosi also saw Nerfs shortly after launch with the extremely powerful Banshee Tools. The penalty area was reduced by 33% while the critical radius of the beam was reduced from 3m to 2m. In addition, the maximum radius range is from 6m to 4m. These changes make it less than a choice that should be fairer for players.


For a game like Rainbow Six Siege where timing is crucial, an unbalanced Maps can lead to disaster. In Oregon, there was a peek inside a 2F Door Hall pixel that needed work. In addition, at the amusement park, some parts of the map were not intended to be reached.

Eight maps contain bug fixes including Oregon, a bank, a consulate, a cafe, a chalet, a club, a park, and a coast. Players can view the official Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1 patch notes to see all map changes.


But what the players really wanted in these Rainbow Six Siege Correction Notes is the new game cancellation feature. If someone leaves the game before this update, players can do anything except continue playing or surrender. An unbalanced match lasted four to five. Now a team with fewer players can leave an unbalanced queue without any penalty.

Rainbow Six Siege Y5S2.1's latest patch notes focused on various bug fixes and unbalanced gameplay. This update addresses several issues that players complained about. From being forced to play with the player's flaws to brave the fluffy characters, Rainbow Six Siege Credits players had to come along. Ubisoft listens to the community and now offers a more balanced game. Canceling the R6 match is a feature everyone needs and is finally here.