Samurai Shodown's next character DLC is For For Honor Jul-06-2020

During the new Game Plus Plus show, SNK announced that Samurai Shodown's new DLC character was from Ubisoft's For Honor and offered a trailer for the fighter. The Warden is the last character to complete the Season 2 Fighter pass and will be available in the game from June 24.

Samurai Shodown is an arcade-style combat series set during 18th century Japan. Since 1993, SNK has shown fans of pieces of Japanese culture through the interactions of the fighting character in this game series. While the game became controversial when the last DLC fighter Iroha was released, SNK is trying to deviate from that as it offers the newest fighter to Samurai Shodown.

The Warden is the avant-garde champion of the Ubisoft multiplayer title For Honor, which creates a crossover of the two games. This offer came as a surprise to many fans. Although the character was surrounded by mystery, SNK did not claim to bring an armored fighter like the next DLC. For Honor has grown into a mainstream group fighting game, so there are many fans who are attracted to Samurai Shodown now that Warden has been included in the Japanese game content.

Warden joins the season 2 fighter arcade with other characters such as Archer Mina, Ninja Sugetsu Aquatic and Iroha, a maid of scratch service. Among other hunters in this Japanese fighting game, the armored warrior seems out of place. While SNK borrows many of its characters the benefits of other games like Tekken or even Soul Calibur, the developer doesn't cross much content in its own games. Players can fight as a goalkeeper in the match on June 24.

The New Game Plus Expo has highlighted a lot of new content coming soon for players, and fans are happy to play as Warden as it becomes available in the game. The game has also recently been promoted in the Epic Games Store(Click here to buy For Honor Steel Credits), so new players who have started playing and veterans who have watched the series for a while can enjoy this new fighter to give their gameplay more vitality.