MLB The Show 21 Cover Sports has been revealed, supports crossplay with Xbox Feb-02-2021

MLB The Show 21 has finally been revealed and yes, it is coming to Xbox. The popular Baseball series was a long-running PlayStation franchise developed in-house by Sony San Diego. In 2019, MLB announced that this exclusivity was about to expire and that the franchise would finally expand to include other consoles.

Xbox and Nintendo both echoed this news when it came out, but they've remained moms ever since. This new reveal isn't as much of a surprise as the MLB The Show 21 leak and the album cover over the weekend. Many details have been tainted, including the release date, possible early access period, and the special edition, but the latter two have been kept for public release on Wednesday. However, there were some stories that were not lost early on.

MLB The Show 21 will be released on April 20, 2021 on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. This is a huge deal as not only is it the first time that PlayStation Exclusive has jumped to another platform, but it also unites the two versions. The game will also allow generations to save (PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S, igcoupon provides MLB THE SHOW 21 Stubs on all platforms!), but it will only remain within the console families.

There are no details as to whether the next generation versions of the game will have exclusive features beyond certain things like frame rate and resolution. It also appears that MLB The Show 21 doesn't support Xbox's smart delivery system, which allows Xbox One owners to upgrade their game to the Series X / S edition for free. The decision is up to the developer, so Sony probably wasn't interested in supporting this feature.

MLB The Show 21 sees San Diego Padres briefly as Fernando Tates Jr. as the star of his cover, but according to a leak it could be claimed that there is a special release with Jackie Robinson. The special edition also includes 4 days of early access to the game, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. The most notable lack of disclosure, however, is the lack of news from Nintendo. The platform owner commented on the news in 2019, but as of now there has been no word on this upcoming entry into the Nintendo Switch. It seems unlikely that Sony will go to great lengths to make a special version of the Nintendo Switch, but more will likely be said about it later.