Apex Legends responds to peacekeeping calls to return to looting Jul-06-2020

The fifth season of Apex Legends brought many changes. While the destruction of the Kings Canyon and great access to Lupa may have stolen the show, there were many changes that changed the dead for Apex Games.

In addition to a series of legendary tweak mods, there have been some significant changes to the weapons displayed in the game. Perhaps most notably, the exchange of Mastiffs in the rotation of looting on a regular basis, rather than peacekeeping.

Peacekeepers were widely regarded as the best of the three guns offered, head and shoulders above EVA-8 and Mozambique, respectively. Controlling close range combat was an essential part of carrying loads and guns for most players.

While Mastiff's Nerfed alternative is a powerful alternative, nothing beats the feeling you feel after dropping an entire team with Peacekeeper.

And those who miss the presence of reliable peacekeepers in their arsenal have given a glimmer of hope, after Respawn's design director, Jason McCord, responded to fans' request to return weapons on social media.

"A good opportunity to come back one day. McCord assured there were no exclusive weapons yet. Apex Legend developer added that Kraber is the only weapon exclusive to Care Care that is widely regarded as the most deadly weapon in the game.

While McCord has not hinted at a specific timetable of when the Peacekeeper will be added back to regular rotation, players will be happy to know that Respawn wants to maintain the weapon(through Apex Legends Coins buy you need) pool dynamics.

This, of course, lends itself to the ever-changing embodiment of Apex Legends, which is complemented by the continuous addition of new faces and map changes.