Any bonus bonus in the sea of ​​thieves Jul-06-2020

Sea of Thieves offers players the opportunity to live a pirate life by playing in the open world that offers endless possibilities. Treasures are waiting to tap into customizable items and there is limited time to get a 'Blighted Bonus' to earn a 'Blighted Set' for the ship. This guide will plan what players need to do to get it.

Sea of Thieves, released on March 20, 2018 by Rare, allows players to sail to the far reaches of the sea to unlock puzzles, collect rewards, build crew and upgrade their ship. The aim is to achieve the reputation of a legendary pirate and there are other crews sailing the open sea trying to fulfill the same dream. Each crew member has their own location, ranging from guiding a ship, hoisting sails to exploring from a crow's nest.

Although mythical sea monsters live deep in the ocean, the real danger will be other crews. They can appear in an instant and detonate the player's torso with cannons and other firearms. Ships are resistant to real-time damage and water will leak and sink gradually. Players must repair holes, save water with buckets, and repair falling masts to keep the ship afloat. While there are trips that can be completed by a renowned team, the gist of this game is the side of PVP that commands other crews to fight over a pile of resources until the bills are settled.

When it comes to travel, players need to join a faction (trading company) that offers different types of adventures and rewards. These factions are; Arrangement of souls, golden hoarders, bone harvesting, hunter call, seals, Athens fortune, Bilge Rats and trade alliance. Joining a faction yields original goals that may be; Sink a ship, find a specific treasure or deliver livestock. Regardless of the direction the crew takes, completing voyages rewards a higher and gold reputation in some abilities.

Ancient Coins is used to buy new items from ship dealers and arms sellers, but there are other ways to get cosmetics, such as replenishing events. As a result, reputation points will slowly build up between each completed task under the "Long Stories" category next to flights. Long Stories are story-driven missions that require puzzle-solving and bypassing puzzles on secret islands as they battle mysterious enemies. During the crew adventure there are several items such as; Artillery shells, food, shelves and bottles for messages can be found anywhere in the world, which is necessary to preserve the ship and its crew.

How to get bacterial benefits in Sea of Thieves

While every trading company offers unique experiences, from time to time a special event is available where players must achieve unique goals. A "Dazzling Reward Event" is currently available from June 10-16. Crews must send 30 items to specific companies to open a "Blighted Set" for their vessel. This event only lasts a week, so it's advisable to start early to have enough time to get it all. Below is a list of the commercial companies participating in this event and the elements required to pick them up and deliver them.

The Favite Bladehead bonus

    ● Search for the mysterious stranger associated with Athena's wealth and give him 30 pieces of Athena's treasure.

Reward sailing happily

    ● Locate Merchant Alliance and manage 30 shipping crates.

It looked light

    ● Go to Gold Hoarders and give them 30 boxes.

Flag of Blighted

    ● Get closer to arranging souls and give them 30 skulls of His grace.

If players miss this opportunity, don't sweat. All "Blighted Set" pieces will be available at the Pirate Emporium store later. Every faction can be found in every settlement, except the fortune of Athens. They are located in a secret location that only Pirate Legends (or members of the Athena Fortune faction) know. However, if one of the crew has "Pirate Legend" status, he can help others enter as a guest. If players would like to find its location, the bunker is located under the "Damned Gateway", under the "Glorious Sea Dog Tavern".